Change fonts inside CKEditor 5 for Drupal 10

By default the CKEditor 5 does not offer the option to change fonts in Drupal 10. You can fix that by following the steps described here.

CKEditor 5 menu bar

First install the CKEditor Font Size and Family module.

The composer command is:
composer require 'drupal/ckeditor_font:^2.0@beta'

Verify if the module is abailable using Drush:
./vendor/bin/drush pm:list | grep CK

Enable the module with Drush:
./vendor/bin/drush pm:enable ckeditor_font

After you have enabled the module, navigate to: /admin/config/content/formats/ and select your text format to configure it.

You should see these new icons appear inside the toolbar configuration.

CKEditor 5 change font in Drupal 10

Drag the icons into your active toolbar in order to active them. Don't forget to save your configuration.

You can now change font family, size and colours inside CKEditor 5 in your Drupal 10 website.